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Our Fresh Produce


Purchase your CSA today

January is the best time to purchase a CSA. You are able to get your membership for the best discount and Crossroad Farm will have the capital for all the early annual expenditures such as seeds, potting soil, and greenhouse labor. It is a win/win for us all.


We hope you visit us throughout the season so you can experience the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that we grow in each month. Usually we sell asparagus radishes, and early greens from of our greenhouses, prior to the stand opening.  

In June we start to harvest our earliest greenhouse tomatoes that compliment the variety of available salad crops. Our strawberries ripen in mid to late June announcing the first days of summer. At just about the same time we are harvesting sweet peas each morning. It seams almost daily a new crop ripens…. beet greens, new potatoes, scallions, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cilantro, broccoli.  

By the time green beans and sweet corn are here, the stand is overflowing with produce. Check out the chart below for approximate dates that our fruits and vegetables are available.


Please note, crop yield, timing, and availability is subject to change from year to year. You are always welcome to call (802) 333-4455 to confirm the availability of our produce.

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