At Crossroad Farm, we are committed to supplying a diverse selection of top-quality, locally grown foods to our community. In addition to the fruit and vegetables we grow, we also offer a range of other, primarily locally produced, seasonal items including fresh apples, blueberries and peaches, maple syrup, humanely raised meat and all sorts of jams, jellies and cheese!   

Our fruits and vegetables are sold within a 40 mile radius from the farm to establishments that include local restaurants, food markets, summer camps, and schools. In addition to finding our produce within the community, you can also visit us at our own farm stands, here on the farm in Post Mills and down on Rt. 5 in Norwich, VT. At our farm stands we offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. Started in 2008 this is a rewarding and enriching way to develop and strengthen our community; we currently have over 600 members and counting. Interested in knowing more, check it out! 

For seven months of the year, we harvest and market seasonal produce, all to the local Upper Valley community. Any produce harvested that goes beyond to our regular outreach is donated to local food shelves and schools like Willing Hands and The Upper Valley Haven, as we do our part in the commitment to give back to the community.

We encourage everyone to "buy local" and therefore believe that it is our duty to close the circle and make every effort to hire local help. Over the last 35 years we have hired over a hundred local high school students. We have employed students from Thetford, Rivendell and Sharon Academies, as well as Hanover, Chelsea, and Oxbow High Schools. Last season alone, 15 Thetford Academy students and alumni were part of our crew! If this rings true to you and you want to learn more about our crew, check us out! Check in seasonally to see if we're hiring and don't be afraid to stop by or give us a call!

Pictured above is our community giving back to us - one cold February day in 2007 Timberhomes LLC designed and built our Post Mills farm stand to accommodate a growing clientele and need for a new structure. They orchestrated an old-fashioned barn raising with the fantastic help of the greater farming community.