Plant SALE!

Here we are, another week later. Happy Thursday!

Dare we say it... Summer really seems to be coming along! The weather has been just wonderful lately. The sun and warm temperatures are making our crops so happy; they're looking beautiful and are starting to produce greatness! Below you'll find an availability list of all the fresh produce currently in our farm stands.

In addition to our produce, we're still fully stocked with plants!

Starting today, Thursday June 20th, we're offering a Greenhouse Sale! In Post Mills there are lots of annual packs and 4" pots at reduced prices. In both locations, Post Mills and Norwich, we're also offering all veggie starts and pansy packs for buy one, get one free!

Norwich is also fully stocked with Summer perennials! Stop on in this weekend, we'd love to see you!

Produce Availability:
marked by PM for Post Mills and N for Norwich

  • Apples - N

  • Arugula - PM & N

  • Baby Kale - PM & N

  • Beet Greens - PM & N

  • Bok Choi - N

  • Collard Greens - N

  • Cucumbers - PM & N

  • Green Tomatoes - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red boston - PM & N ** on sale!

  • Head Lettuce, green and red leaf - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red romaine - PM & N

  • Herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, Italian parsley, mint - PM & N

  • Kale, green and red - PM & N

  • Lazy Lettuce - PM & N

  • Mesclun Mix - PM & N

  • Mint - PM & N

  • Radishes, red cherriette - PM & N

  • Rhubarb - PM & N

  • Sauerkraut - N

  • Spinach - PM & N

  • Spicy Mix - PM & N

  • Sprouts - N

  • Strawberries - PM & N

  • Sweet Cherries - N

  • Tomatoes, cherry and big red - PM & N

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

Are you wondering why Norwich has different produce available than Post Mills?
Well, that's because our Norwich Farm Stand supports other local farms in addition to offering Crossroad produce. Edgewater, Killdeer and Root 5 Farms are all examples!

Our Post Mills Farm Stand Opening!

The season is really starting to roll now! We're seeing new produce ripen and be harvested every day, both out of our fields and our greenhouses. We're also gearing up for our Grand Opening of the Post Mills Farm Stand! Opening day is this Saturday, June 8th and we'll be open 9AM-6PM everyday thereafter.

Our greenhouses will remain open as well; we still have an abundance of annuals, herbs and veggie starts for you to peruse! Our staff is always available to help, whether you're stopping by for the first time or popping in for your weekly visit. 

Check out the updates below for some progress in the fields as well as our current produce availability list for both Post Mills and Norwich.

Produce Availability:
marked by PM for Post Mills and N for Norwich

  • Apples - N

  • Arugula - N

  • Asparagus - PM

  • Baby Kale - PM & N

  • Bok Choi - N

  • Braising Greens - PM & N

  • Broccoli Raab - N

  • Chives - N

  • Dill - PM & N

  • Elegance Mix - PM & N

  • Green Tomatoes - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red leaf - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green romaine - PM & N

  • Lazy Lettuce - PM & N

  • Mesclun Mix - PM & N

  • Mint - PM & N

  • Radishes, french breakfast and red cherriette - PM & N

  • Rhubarb - PM & N

  • Spinach - PM & N

  • Spicy Mix - PM & N

  • Sauerkraut - N

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

Coming Soon:

  • Cherry Tomatoes - N

  • Cucumbers - PM & N

  • Big Red Tomatoes - PM & N

This weekend in Norwich we're welcoming Sara from Champlain Orchards for an apple sampling on Friday, June 7th from 3-6 PM. In addition to sampling a variety of apples, Sara will be sharing the orchard's processes of winter storage. Come hear about the amazing way they harvest all their apples in the Fall but continue provide the Upper Valley with fresh fruit all Spring! 

We will also extend this sampling to our regular Saturday morning tasting, with the addition of a marinated feta cheese and Vermont made Gluten-Free crackers! Come by 9AM-12PM to check it out!

Lastly, did you know we're on social media?! We just debuted a new Instagram account, where you can find beautiful photos giving an inside look to farm and farm stand life! You can also find us on Facebook!
Click the icons below to check out each profile!

We're Open for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is this weekend, which kind of seems like it snuck up on us...!  Either way, we're pleased it's here as it's a wonderful time to fully get out in the garden and get things going!

As the holiday weekend approaches, we want to keep you updated with all our greenhouse and stand happenings: both locations, Post Mills and Norwich, will be open on Memorial Day. In fact, we're open all weekend 9 AM-6 PM everyday.

Our greenhouses in Post Mills are full of annuals, veggie starts and herbs! We have plenty of red, white and blue to help you celebrate or memorialize. Our experienced staff will be available all weekend; helping to answer your questions, aid in planning your veggie garden or simply show you the new varieties we have this season! 
In addition to flowers you can find our own asparagus and lettuce greens for sale in the greenhouses. The farm stand will be opening soon - Saturday June 8th!

Our farm stand in Norwich is also stocked with plants: annuals, perennials, veggies and herbs! Swing on by this weekend for a one-stop-shop! Below you'll find a produce availability list, keeping in mind that at this time of year things are changing daily.

Hooray for Red, White & Blue!! 
Petunias, Geraniums, Scaevola, Lobelia, Browalia & more!

Produce Availability: Norwich Farm Stand
163 Rt 5 South, Norwich VT 05055 | 802-649-2852 | open daily 9 AM-6 PM

  • Apples

  • Arugula

  • Asparagus (also available in Post Mills)

  • Baby Kale

  • Chives

  • Cilantro

  • Dill

  • Fiddleheads

  • Lazy Lettuce (also available in Post Mills)

  • Lettuce Heads

  • Mesclun Mix (also available in Post Mills)

  • Rhubarb

  • Salad Turnips

  • Scallions

  • Spinach

  • Spicy Mix (also available in Post Mills)

  • Sauerkraut

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

This weekend in Norwich we'll be sampling a Red, White and Blue Salad! Our very own lettuce greens tossed with apples, turnips, cheese and a maple blueberry balsamic dressing, yuumm!
Swing by Saturday morning for this week's delicious tasting, generally 9AM-12PM.

Sunny Days are Ahead!

This weather sure has been tough... we can feel the confusion and frustration in the air as we all navigate this unusual Spring. However, the weekend's forecast is looking up; we should have some sunny days ahead!

Despite the recent cold and rain, we're still here 9AM-6PM every day! Our Norwich farm stand has been open for a week now and the cooler is quickly filling up! We're getting new produce in every day. Check out the produce availability list below!

In addition to fresh Spring veggies, our greenhouses are bursting with colorful annuals, veggie starts and herbs! We have a wonderful selection in both Post Mills and Norwich; whether you're searching for the perfect hanging basket, starting your veggie garden or adding some color to your window boxes, we've got the things you'll need. Our experienced staff will be available all weekend; introducing our returning customers to something new but also, lending a hand to our newer gardeners.

Some beautiful, bright and sunny blossoms down in Norwich. Come see for yourself!

Some beautiful, bright and sunny blossoms down in Norwich. Come see for yourself!

Produce Availability: Norwich Farm Stand
163 Rt 5 South, Norwich VT 05055 | 802-649-2852 | open daily 9 AM-6 PM

  • Apples

  • Arugula

  • Asparagus

  • Bok Choi

  • Fiddleheads

  • Lazy Lettuce

  • Red Cherriette Radishes

  • Scallions

  • Spinach

  • Sauerkraut

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

February News: Seeding has Begun!!

February is suddenly upon us! We're another month closer to Spring and things on the farm are steadily progressing; our first plantings of tomatoes, onions and leeks have been seeded. Oh, and we couldn't forget about the pansies! They've been seeded as well, making us dream of warmer days and the flower's sweet yet humble pop of color!
For now, while we patiently wait for the seeds to sprout, check out some photos of our favorite Springtime memories.

Below you'll also find an introduction to another new addition to the Crossroad Family! If you've ever wondered if we have a farm dog, here's your (very adorable) answer! 

Then, don't forget to look into our 2019 CSA sign up! Thanks so much to those who have already joined us! For those that haven't yet, we're still offering the 7% discount, but only until the end of February! You're welcome to mail in a check, or sign up online - all the details are below.

Introducing: Lily of the Valley
Lily is Tim and Janet's new puppy! She'll be alongside all of us here at the farm, exploring the greenhouses this Spring and surely patrolling the fields this Summer. But for right now, she is loving the snow - going for snow-shoe walks and playing with Tim and Janet's grand-kids make her the happiest puppy in the whole Upper Valley!

CSA Sign Up:
Join our 2019 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program! Many thanks to those of you who supported us last year! For those who are unfamiliar with our program, you can learn more from our CSA page. Now is the best time to purchase your CSA share for the upcoming season – here are some details:
·     Sign up before February 28 to receive a 7% discount.
·     All CSA balances from the 2018 season will rollover into this season. We’ve emailed members with balances over $50. If you didn't receive an email but are curious about your balance, just email Sarah ( and inquire! She'd be happy to help!
·     Crossroad Farm offers a CSA model using credit instead of a bushel basket pickup — it’s the best of both worlds! This system gives you the flexibility of shopping anytime and choosing exactly what you’d like.
Visit the CSA page to sign up! You'll find two methods there: a mail-in option paying by check or an online option paying by credit card. We prefer that you sign up with a check and the mail-in application as it avoids the fee our credit card online processor charges us... 

We hope you enjoyed the color and cute photos this week! As always, please feel free to reach out; we welcome any feedback or suggestions you’d like to share as we continue into this new season!