Our New Website!

Hello and Welcome! We're so excited to share this new website with you! 

Often times the cold, snowy winter can be the perfect break to dream, plan and make big changes. This season we did just that and set a goal to better our outreach, extending not only our fruits and veggies to the local community, but also our knowledge and care for sustainable agriculture. What better way to achieve this goal than re-designing our website? 

Take a look around - a few things have changed, but all the same, great information is here! We've got a new page, Philosophy and Practices, where you can learn all about our growing practices and why we make the choices we do. You can also virtually Meet the Crew and read about who helps grow your delicious, nutritious produce. Then don't forget about the Photos, they'll help you get through this funky start to Spring, we promise!

Once you've taken a tour, let us know what you think! What do you love? Did we miss anything? Do you need more information on something? Fill out the form below and we'll get right on it!


Thanks for visiting! Check in here frequently as we'll be posting farm news, happenings and produce availability, once the season starts of course. And as always, don't hesitate to reach out - Contact Us here.