Plant SALE!

Here we are, another week later. Happy Thursday!

Dare we say it... Summer really seems to be coming along! The weather has been just wonderful lately. The sun and warm temperatures are making our crops so happy; they're looking beautiful and are starting to produce greatness! Below you'll find an availability list of all the fresh produce currently in our farm stands.

In addition to our produce, we're still fully stocked with plants!

Starting today, Thursday June 20th, we're offering a Greenhouse Sale! In Post Mills there are lots of annual packs and 4" pots at reduced prices. In both locations, Post Mills and Norwich, we're also offering all veggie starts and pansy packs for buy one, get one free!

Norwich is also fully stocked with Summer perennials! Stop on in this weekend, we'd love to see you!

Produce Availability:
marked by PM for Post Mills and N for Norwich

  • Apples - N

  • Arugula - PM & N

  • Baby Kale - PM & N

  • Beet Greens - PM & N

  • Bok Choi - N

  • Collard Greens - N

  • Cucumbers - PM & N

  • Green Tomatoes - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red boston - PM & N ** on sale!

  • Head Lettuce, green and red leaf - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red romaine - PM & N

  • Herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, Italian parsley, mint - PM & N

  • Kale, green and red - PM & N

  • Lazy Lettuce - PM & N

  • Mesclun Mix - PM & N

  • Mint - PM & N

  • Radishes, red cherriette - PM & N

  • Rhubarb - PM & N

  • Sauerkraut - N

  • Spinach - PM & N

  • Spicy Mix - PM & N

  • Sprouts - N

  • Strawberries - PM & N

  • Sweet Cherries - N

  • Tomatoes, cherry and big red - PM & N

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

Are you wondering why Norwich has different produce available than Post Mills?
Well, that's because our Norwich Farm Stand supports other local farms in addition to offering Crossroad produce. Edgewater, Killdeer and Root 5 Farms are all examples!