Lots of New Harvests!

It feels like we say this every week... things are really coming along now! The truth is, we probably do say this each week because we are constantly harvesting new crops at this time of year. It's truly exciting - seeing the fruit of our labor produce and then seeing your joy as we bring you these new harvests! One thing is for sure, this warm, sunny weather can only help!

Come visit us this weekend, both farm stands are open 7 days a week 9AM - 6PM everyday, including holidays! We'll show you what's just coming in from the fields and give you updates on what's right around the corner.

We're also still running our Greenhouse Sale! The Post Mills greenhouses have lots of annual packs and 4" pots at reduced prices. And in both locations, Post Mills and Norwich, we're continuing to offer all veggie starts and pansy packs for buy one, get one free!

Enjoy the Sun!

Produce Availability:
marked by PM for Post Mills and N for Norwich

  • Apples - N

  • Apricots - N

  • Arugula - PM & N

  • Baby Kale - PM & N

  • Bok Choi - N

  • Cabbage, green and savoy - PM & N

  • Cherries, sour and sweet - N

  • Collard Greens - N

  • Cucumbers - PM & N

  • Fennel - PM & N

  • Green Onions - PM & N

  • Green Tomatoes - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red boston - PM & N ** on sale!

  • Head Lettuce, green and red leaf - PM & N

  • Head Lettuce, green and red romaine - PM & N

  • Herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, curly and italian parsley - PM & N

  • Kale, green and red - PM & N

  • Lazy Lettuce - PM & N

  • Mesclun Mix - PM & N

  • Radishes, red cherriette - PM & N

  • Rhubarb - N

  • Salad Turnips - N

  • Sauerkraut - N

  • Spinach - PM & N

  • Spicy Mix - PM & N

  • Sprouts - N

  • Strawberries - PM & N

  • Tomatoes, cherry and big red - PM & N

  • and Local baked goods, cheese and meats

Just Coming In:
may not be consistent or available everyday as we're just starting to harvest

  • Baby Carrots

  • Beets

  • Braising Greens

  • Broccoli

Coming Soon:

  • Shelling Peas

Are you wondering why Norwich has different produce available than Post Mills?
Well, that's because our Norwich Farm Stand supports other local farms in addition to offering Crossroad produce. Edgewater, Killdeer and Root 5 Farms are all examples!