2011 Farm Share Sign Up Is Underway

The 2011 farming season has already started. We are receiving our seed shipments weekly, our planning continues and we are inviting you to join our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program. If that concept is new to you, feel free to check out our Crossroad Farm CSA page to learn more.

The idea behind buying CSA farm shares is that members in the community pre-purchase their vegetables which means they are sharing in the risk with a local farmer who each year incurs many startup costs. The benefits include being part of a community who values and receives fresh local produce, and participating in farm events or harvests. The farmer pays you “interest” in the form of vegetables instead of borrowing from the bank. There are many great reasons to participate. Most importantly, you’ll receive top-quality fresh plants and produce

Farm Shares are available in the form of discounted, pre-purchased credit at the farm stand and greenhouses, in value increments of $100. You may purchase as many shares as you wish. You will be able to redeem this credit during the entire season for any items produced at Crossroad Farm, including bedding plants, as well as all other items offered at the stand. For a more information regarding our CSA, please visit our How It Works page.

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