Answers to common spring questions

What can I plant now? (lots) Frost tolerant plants include pansies, alyssum, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, onions, and leeks. They all can be planted in early May and in fact, after they are hardened off, they prefer early planting when the soils are cool. At the farm we have hardened these off for you. Many people like to start their protected or moveable containers early when they have the largest selection of plants. As we cannot fit our entire greenhouse into cold frames, we recommend that you harden off your more sensitive plants before planting at the end of May. So beginning on about the third week in May, we advise starting to collect your favorite tomatoes, marigolds etc. to start the hardening process. Plants which really love warm weather like melons and Zinnias, may need to wait. As always, please feel free to come and ask questions about specifics.

What is this hardening off process? In order to toughen up plants for the transition to the field, we slowly introduce them to sun, wind and drought. It takes about 3-5 days, in a protected spot at first, where you can control the environment a little. This can be done even in cooler or frosty weather if you are prepared to bring the plants in or cover them. We use a cold frame but a porch or a wheel barrow can work too.

Is it too soon to hang a basket on my porch? (no) When the temperatures are mostly above 50 degrees it is a fine time to make your selection. Bringing a basket in at night is good if temps drop near 40 degrees regularly. It is essential to bring them in or cover them if you suspect frost.

Do you have anything to eat yet? (yes) We are selling heads of lettuce at this time and asparagus as available. It is an inconsistent supply, so we will not always have it. Radishes and spinach will follow.

When will the stand open?  (June)  We usually open the stand around June 10th when our early tomatoes are ready and we have more vegetables and fewer flowers. Let's hope for some sunny weather!