Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs were created as a way for the public to become an integral part of their local agricultural community. This is done by pre-purchasing shares of produce in order to help with the farmer’s annual start-up and maintenance costs. The direct benefit to the farmer is capital during the “off season”, a time of year when there is little to no product to sell, therefore, no cash flow. Essentially, instead of a bank gaining interest on a potential loan, CSA members support farms up-front and later receive interest in the form of fresh, healthy produce!

Benefits of a membership include a discount on purchasing shares and getting a first hand pick at this year’s finest crop growth! You'll also be contributing to the sustainability of our farm in the most direct sense. We believe community involvement is part of being sustainable. All of our practices, like as hiring local employees, reflect this value. Your participation completes the circle; together we’re keeping our “green” dollars in the community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect to receive in my weekly share and when do I pick it up?

A: In fact, for Crossroad Farm there is no weekly share or pickup. We use a CSA program where you simply pre-purchase credit to then be used towards any items you choose, from either farm stand or the greenhouses. This allows you the freedom to shop for what you want, when you want. 

Q: What can I purchase with my CSA share?

A: Anything and everything we have for sale at our Post Mills greenhouses and farm stand as well as our Norwich farm stand. Yes, this includes things like meat, cheese, fruit, t-shirts, hats, veggie plants and flowers! And of course, fresh vegetables!

Q: When I come to use my CSA, how will you know I purchased a share?

A: At the start of the season, we will have a CSA card waiting for you! It looks just like a gift card, a plastic card that'll be swiped and automatically track your purchases. When you fill out the CSA application form, we ask for your location preference: Post Mills or Norwich. Which ever you choose, we'll have your card waiting there for you! And, yes you can choose both locations. 

Q: When can I start using my CSA share?

A: You can start using your CSA share as soon as we’re open! Our Post Mills greenhouses typically open around mid-April for flower and plant sales. Then our farm stands open, Norwich around mid-May and Post Mills around the beginning of June! You can use your share in all three locations.

Q: Why a discount?

A: When you become a member, you are investing in the farm and, in effect, the discount is a percentage return on your investment. The discount decreases if you choose to purchase a share later in the season, as most of the farm’s start-up costs must be obtained earlier in the season. 

Q: What are the discounts and when are their deadlines?

A: Our early bird discount is 7%, ending February 28th. We then offer a 5% discount until April 30th.

Q: If I don't use all of my share this season, will it roll over to next year?

A: YES! Your remaining balance from this year WILL roll over into the next season

Q: How do I find out if I have a balance left over from last season?

A: Of course! Shoot Sarah an email with the full name on your CSA card and she can tell you your balance. If you do have a balance and choose to re-purchase for the current season, the two amounts will be added together. Sarah can help you calculate this number as well! Her email address is:

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Head over to our CSA page for all the nitty gritty details. There you can print an application form and send it in the mail with a check. You can also find an online application form, filling out your information online and paying with a credit card or PayPal account.

Still have questions that we didn’t answer here? No problem! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!