Because we offer such a wide variety of produce at both of our farm stands, we’ve chosen a CSA Farm Share model using credit instead of a bushel basket pickup. Farm Shares are available in the form of discounted, pre-purchased credit in value increments of $100. You may purchase as many shares as you wish. You will be able to redeem this credit during the entire season, for any item for sale at our Post Mills farm stand and greenhouses as well as our Norwich farm stand. This system will allow you the flexibility of shopping when you want for exactly what you want - it's the best of both worlds!

Once you are signed up for your Crossroad Farm Share, there will be a card waiting for you at your farm stand of choice, where you intend to shop for a majority of the season. This will be indicated on the sign-up form. You can choose both Post Mills and Norwich! We simply ask that you carry your card with you or write down your CSA number. 

Below are examples of multiple share purchases with our available discounts. Purchasing early in the season really is the best time, as it directly supports us during a needed time and offers you the greatest discount. Before the end of February we offer a 7% discount, thereafter a 5% discount. 

March 1 to April 30 - 5% discount

Share Value vs. Your Cost

$100.00 | $95.00

$200.00 | $190.00

$300.00 | $285.00

$400.00 | $380.00

$500.00 | $475.00

January 1 to February 28 - 7% discount

Share Value vs. Your Cost

$100.00 | $93.00

$200.00 | $186.00

$300.00 | $279.00

$400.00 | $372.00

$500.00 | $465.00

Purchase by Mail

We prefer that you pay by check. Our online processor, PayPal, charges 2.9% in credit card fees on every transaction -- that's $5.39 on a $200 share. It's not a ton of money but it does add up. When we receive checks, we deposit them with our local bank and 100% of the funds go directly to us. It helps us remain viable, while helping our local bank too! 

Click here to print our CSA Membership Registration and sign up

Would you like to send us a check, but don’t have a printer? No problem, we completely understand! Simply write your information (most importantly: Name, Address, Email, Phone and Share Amount) on a piece of paper and send it along with your check. If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Janet at


Purchase Online

During the winter months, we also offer an online payment option, using a credit card or PayPal account, for purchasing CSA shares. However, during the farming season, we accept credit card payments at both of our locations, Post Mills and Norwich. If you’d like to pay by credit card, please visit us in person!


Were you a member last season and used a email address? Are you missing our email newsletters and CSA announcements? We’d like to update this and keep sending you weekly happenings! Shoot Sarah an email, ( with your new contact information and we’ll get you updated in our records.